01 February, 2008

Poker Night Apology

I feel like I need to apologise for poker night for some reason.
I don't think I need to, per se, but I want to.

So, I am sorry, for the terribly bad poker party.
I am sorry because we never played poker, and people got drunk and were stupid, and Stu's friends came over, and the pancakes didn't work, and Josh slept in, and the atmosphere was horrible.

None of those things are directly my fault... except maybe the pancakes, although I vote we blame the pan. Non-stick my arrrrse.
As I was saying (typing), none of these things are directly my fault, but I feel like I should apologise for the whole thing just because I was half 'hosting' the party.

To get over the crappiness of the party, let's re-live some highlights.
-'Raving' to SNACK music!
-Glowsticks (Oh, and thanks Chongy for bringing most of them. Champion. Even though everyone took them all)
-Ruth (Why is Ruth a highlight? Because Ruth is awesome, and she changed the atmosphere when she was there)
-Brendan dancing
-Sober people

In short, I'm sorry it was crap, one day we'll have a better get together. We'll sing songs spin stories love laugh and drink wine.
Possibly without the wine.
I vote no alcohol.


B.C. said...

As if you need to apologise for it. I still had fun, besides the loser stuff.

It was especially amusing watching you swinging the whistle with your teeth.

Also, pancakes sucked because the spatula was too freaking small. Find out where it's from.

Where I walk, glowsticks follow. It's a blessing and a curse. Ha.
Ruth is a highlight.
Brendan is a highlight.
Sober people are a highlight.
Laughing is a highlight.
SNACK Music is a highlight.
Raving is a highlight.

What do these things all have in common? All these things can be found at Donny! If you come, I'll even set stuff on fire, and then everything will be complete.

Em said...

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo etc...

Yes, I forgot about the whistle!
Add that to the list.

Now you need a whistle I can swing at Donny.

I have been to the Don 5 times.
1. Engagement Party
2. Wedding Rehearsal
3. Wedding
4. Visit
5. Formal

I've actually probably been other times that I don't remember.
Who knows?
I'm going to stop typing now.