26 November, 2007

Matt Corby

Okay, so just to get the truth out there: I am a Matt Corby fan. An avid fan.
In case any one doesn't know, Matt is the runner up for this year of Australian Idol.
I know, he's a pretty boy, and normally I don't like the pretty boys, but I love Matt Corby.

Some people at my church used to play in a band with him, and he's coming to perform at our church's carols service (I forgot to get tickets) and my friend is singing backup for him. Very jealous. Not really. Actually very happy.

Matt Corby came second! Which is good because then he doesn't have to conform to mainstream the way the record label would make him.

I want to marry him. So does Josh... !?

Matt Corby sings Bedouin Song

Matt Corby sings The Blower's Daughter

That's all I have to say about that.

16 November, 2007

I wrote this for my English exam.
Oh how I love creative writing for exams.
Although it's missing most of its rhythmical metre...
It was something to do with context studies, and we had to do it on future worlds.

I don't know what my future holds for me.
Though I prefer to hope it's something fine.
I wonder, some days, just what I will be.
I wonder also what things will be mine.

The stories tell us that it's to be feared;
That hope will dissolve right before our eyes.
In all those stories, as the future neared,
Despair seemed to falling from the skies.

I pray my future holds me oh so tight,
And keeps me safe from things with evil face.
I plead with my future to get things right:
"Set a simple course, with a pleasant pace!"

Embrace the days that we have up ahead,
Would you rather repeat the past instead?

You grew like a flower
From an ambitious
Little seed
Shower, water, shower!
Shower me 'til
I am freed

You grew like a flower
A thing of beauty
Shining bright
Tower higher, tower
What a picture!
What a sight!

You flew like a flower
Which doesn't
Make much sense
Cower, and then cower
Waiting in
Black suspense

You flew like a flower
That's confusing
In itself
Power drawing power
Drinking to
Evil wealth

You died like a flower
Lost and gone
From this world
Hour after hour
We watched as
Your leaves curled

You died like a flower
Faded in
To the dirt
Flower, little flower
Can we undo
All the hurt?

Of these things I do complain:
Abundant earth and lack of rain.
Arrows, for answers, I shoot in vain.
Falling short miss their target, again, again.
I don't understand--these things leave stain:
The lack of valour, abundant pain.

11 November, 2007


I've been
To the poison you breed,
This Beast,
You bleed in to me.
My tear stained face can't hold your lies.
Turn over,
Not this filthy compromise,
It's naked truth
That you despise.