15 October, 2009


I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. It is a month of reckless writing abandon, in which the 'novelist' must produce a novel of 50, 000 words or more.
The website says it's about 'quantity, not quality' which is nice, and not nice. Nice to take off the pressure, but who is going to be spewing out a whole lot of literary crap next month? Oh, me.

I'm not sure yet what to write about. I do have lots of story ideas, but I like those ideas, and don't really wish to, er, bastardise them in NaNoWriMo. I may open up another blog and post the finished story there, or progress chapters or something. I may not. Just depends on how embarrassing the 'quantity' ends up being.

So while all those men are doing 'Movember' and trying to look all manly, I'm gonna be holed up in my room (like usual) trying to get out approximately 1666.6666666666666666666666666667 words a day. Which surely shouldn't be that hard but I know I'll put it off. A lot.

Note: Someone else should join in to! What ridiculous fun.

Catch ya on the flip side,
(That's my username XD)

Blog Action Day '09 - Climate Change.

Arrrgh! It's here, it's here, Blog Action Day and I completely forgot to even think about it! So now instead of a well thought out and possibly researched post, I'm going to have to serve up some barely passable drivel that's hardly any form of 'action'. The only action here is my frantic inner state of panic, and also I'm squirming in my chair because I need to go to the toilet. Imma get onto that.

I'm back. I took my phone with me and read FanFiction on it. Yeah that's right; I'm a multi-tasker, ain't no toilet gon' steal my precious time. It makes up for long hours spent procrastinating (barely).

Climate Cgange. Cahnge. Change. (Thank you)
To be honest, I don't really care all that much about climate change. Perhaps I should, but I don't. I don't really know all that much about it, and maybe that's why it isn't a very interesting topic to me. I suppose, if I want to care about it, I should try and learn more, but it's really hard to find the motivation to do that. I can't force myself to be passionate about something, but it wouldn't hurt to learn. I suppose. I, I, I, my, my, my, me, me, me.

Is this our problem? Of course it is, it's everyone's problem for everything. This 'me-first!' culture. Of course we all think the world revolves around us, we are our most important person. Without ourselves we couldn't be. But everyone is so determined to 'go after their dreams' to 'find themselves' to be satisfied, gratified. To go first, to be first, to be someone. To indulge. To have an adventure. To be unique.
I'm exactly like this too. And not all of those things are bad, but where is self-in-moderation? Humans are selfish, and imperfect, that's why there are wars, famine, people on the streets, heartbreak, Tom Cruise, iPods, iPhones, iSnack 2.frackingzero. Climate Change.

People are too selfish to want to change their comfortable lifestyles and somehow 'reverse' the 'damage'.

I don't think I'll write much more. What I've written so far is barely coherent as it is.

But I'm all for looking after the World. It's our 'job' y'know? Perhaps I should learn to respect it before I go prattling on (like a prat) about people being selfish.