25 August, 2007

James Blunt on Sesame Street.

HA. I am not a fan of James Blunt, but I am a fan of this:

12 August, 2007

Minesweeper guy.

Look how cool this picture is that I made.

It moves!
It is my contribution to the various minesweeper blogs that seem to be going around. Be careful it's contagious.

07 August, 2007

A blog of three things.

This is a blog of three things. They are all unrelated, but through this blog they will marry, and become one.

Thing 1:

Surrender is a conference I went to for Vetamorphus, which is exciting I suppose. B.C. also went to this conference, which is an upside. Or is it a downside because he is smelly? Who knows?
I was half asleep the entire weekend. Literally falling off my chair. I think if I had not been so tired, I would have enjoyed Surrender a whole lot more. It was inspiring, what I managed to get out of it, and it was about poverty and things like that, and the need for us to change the world.

That's a very bad description, but I really can't offer anything more. Pester Chongface for betterness because he was probably awake.

I've been having some conversations (mostly with Ben Chongtown) recently about poverty and the like, and doing something for the world.

I have decided that my two 'issues' that I'm most passionate about are:

-Suicide, depression, and homelessness in Australian teens etc...
-Poverty outside of Australia.

I need to do something, but at the moment my issue is that I don't know exactly what to do. I've said that for the rest of the year, I'm going to do any clothes shopping at op shops, but that is more something I'm doing to change myself, not others' situations.
I had this random idea at work tonight that I could design and sell t-shirts, and donate some of the money to charity, and invest the rest of the money to make more t shirts to sell for charity. It's a baby of an idea yet, but it has me excited.

I'm looking forward to this journey of doing... well, something.

Thing 2:

Today at school, I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. We always have interesting conversations. Anyway, we were talking about The Lost Tomb of Jesus, or whatever that show was called that was on last night, and she asked me what I would do if they found something that proved that my whole religion was a lie. That the bible had been made up, that Jesus was a terrorist (random?).

I honestly don't know what I'd do if something like that happened. I'd like to think that my faith is strong enough for me to believe even if they found 'evidence' of Christianity's falseness.
My whole like has been built around God. I grew up in a Christian home, I've made the choice for myself to follow Jesus... but what if all I stood for was just taken from me? I wouldn't know who I was... So much of my life is built on God, partly because when I've built my life on other people they've broken my trust and let me fall.

But what would you do if you found out that it was all a lie?

Thing 3:

I was leaving a comment on someone's blog, I hadn't signed in, and the little box on the left said 'Choose an identity'.

I thought it was funny the way it just says 'Choose and identity'.
Imagine if you could do that in real life. Just choose whatever identity whenever you wanted to.

I feel as if this blog is badly written, but I don't care. I'm tired.