29 April, 2010

I was sitting in the garden
And the air was pretty chilly
I was feeling the cold wind upon my face
And as you sat beside me, as you started crying
I asked you what was wrong about this place

And you said 'It's nice, but the truth is
One day I will grow old
And when that day finally comes
What will happen to my soul?'

'I can't breathe
These anxieties
Have got me around the throat
And I can't sleep
When I'm thinking of this
But I still can't let it go'

We were sitting on the pavement
Throwing leaves into the gutter
And I didn't know what to say
So you wrapped yourself around me, put your head upon my shoulder
And in your arms I stayed

And the truth is
One day we will grow old
And when that day finally comes
What will happen to our souls?

I can't breathe
These anxieties
have got me in a choke
And I wish away these fears
But they have started to take hold

And tonight we'll sit in silence
As we pray for peace
And tonight I'll hold you close
I'll try to keep you safe from the beast
Of time

But the truth is
One day you will grow old
And when that day finally comes
What will happen to your soul?

I can't breathe
These anxieties have got me around the throat
And I wish away these fears
But they will not let me go
Oh what will happen to my soul?

14 April, 2010

A Few of my Favourite Things 1

And by 'A Few' I mean 'a list of ten'. Here are some of my favourite things! Paying homage to The Sound of Music, of course, though none of the 'things' from that particular song have made it into this list.

1. Museli* Bars
An indulgence of mine. I just love museli bars. I hated them in primary school, because the other kids had chips and LCM's, and I would look down at my bland, hard-to-chew snack of sticky grains and scarce scatters of dried fruit, and resent the long rectangle that fit so easily in my hand, but not in my heart. But these days, my heart has an oblong dent that only a museli bar can fit in snugly, and these days (like today) I sometimes go through a packet a day at work. Of 12, not 6.
My top flavours though, would have to be:
-Yoghurt Topped: Strawberry, Apricot
-Choc-coated honeycomb.

-Raspberry is good like strawberry. I like red fruit.

*I spell muesli 'museli' because of the way my American cousin pronounces it. It has become a predisposition I can not rid myself of.

2. Notebooks
Oh, man. Pretty notebooks.

I like to collect them and then just stare at the cover, wondering what I will fill them with.
I rarely fill them, though, because I'm too afraid to ruin the prettiness with my atrocious handwriting.
The notebooks I do fill, are generally Spirax A5 notebooks. Handy and not-ugly. And many colours for various things, but not pretty or expensive enough to be concerned about ruining.
I have just now said the following to someone on MSN, to whom I had previously sent the above link by accident:

εmilγ- says:
εmilγ- says:
ok srsly
εmilγ- says:
disregard that

3. Music. Duh.
I don't think anyone could not have music as a 'favourite thing', though I have heard that such people exist. I don't have a particular favourite genre, but I do like a bit of indie-folk-rock-pop-electronic-acoustic-ambient-souuul music. To be exact.
One of my all-time favourites is one Mr. Sufjan Stevens:

-Isn't he dreamy?

Lyrically and musically amazing.

Look forward to more favourites!

03 April, 2010


It's been a loooooong time since I blogged, and consistently at that. So much has happened that I feel I should blog about but it would take forever, and I really don't like backtracking. Sooo, since my last sort of 'active' period I've finished high school, I took a gap year, during which I worked two different jobs at two different times. I failed my license test twice and then passed it. I love driving, I love being more independent. I've met lots of people and made some amazing friends, I've been depressed, I've had fleeting moments of true happiness and not-so-fleeting moments of sadness, but I suppose it's all part of the process.
I and many others had our hearts broken by a friend, I've started a year of zero alcohol, I've started uni, I've changed my mind about religion a million times, I've fallen even more in love with music and art, and I've started looking out for myself more, rather than neglecting myself just for other people.

I've come a long way, and yet I feel no different. In some ways I feel as if I've gone backward or moved nowhere at all, and when I think about that, I want to cry.

There are some things I mentioned here which I might go into more detail on, but I'm not making any promises.
For now, you're really amazing, just for reading this.