14 April, 2009

A "conversation"...

...with a small group girl, whilst I put off actually writing blogs that would require effort of thought.

miss_ellie says:

Emily says:

miss_ellie says:

Emily says:

miss_ellie says:

Emily says:
purple. poiple?

miss_ellie says:

Emily says:
orange. owange

miss_ellie says:
brown. bown.

Emily said (8:52 PM):

miss_ellie says:
blue. brue. beu. bleu

Emily said (8:53 PM):

miss_ellie says:
white. wite. kite.

Emily says:
i like to fly a kite. in the white. of the summer clouds.

miss_ellie says:
lets try and make up little stories, rhyming.

Emily said (8:57 PM):

miss_ellie says:
you start.

Emily said (8:59 PM):
Uhhhm no you start!

miss_ellie says:
i love the summer breeze in my hair,
and when im flying my kite i just dont care,
the laughter of emily fills the air,
and oh, all her troubles i could bare.

Emily said (9:12 PM):
and then i smile back at ellie
she's just showered so she isn't smelly!
we finished flying the kite and heard a rumble of the belly
time to go inside and eat lots of green jelly

miss_ellie says:
we go inside and eat it all.
and as it digests, we grow very tall.
as the sunsets we sit on the wall,
and like humpty dumpty, we tumble and fall

Emily said (9:17 PM):
but the grass is soft and we have no scars
the sky starts to darken so we study the stars
wishing we could catch them and keep them in jars
and wondering which of those bright lights is mars

miss_ellie says:
with the story still flowing,
and the stars start snowing,
inside my head, how lucky i am knowing
that emily will always be there, toeing.

Emily said (9:23 PM):
and I smile, wondering what 'toeing' could mean
it conjures up visions I've never yet imagined or seen
that are nevertheless hilarious and queen
(queen's my new word, you see, it means 'awesome' in Teen)

...To be continued.

What I don't understand is, why did MSN start time-stamping my posts?

07 April, 2009

Nobody Here

I stumbled across this website (nobodyhere.com) not too long ago... it's pointless, really. You just seem to click links in and endless loop of sad yet humuorous observational pages made by a person I don't know.

But I enjoy it when I have free hours to waste spend.