07 April, 2009

Nobody Here

I stumbled across this website (nobodyhere.com) not too long ago... it's pointless, really. You just seem to click links in and endless loop of sad yet humuorous observational pages made by a person I don't know.

But I enjoy it when I have free hours to waste spend.


B.C. said...

It reminds me of a to-do list blog I saw somewhere, but I can't remember or find the link. I'll have to keep searching.

Also, when I loaded it, that guy sitting at the computer was interesting/strange.

Emily said...

Let me know when/if you find it.

Hahaha, the whole thing is mostly strange.

I like this page. Because, yes, it happens to me.

Kyla said...

Hi Emily.
I just spent about an hour on that page. Very much fun.. And your post it pictures reminded me of a book I have called 'I lick my cheese'. A girl has collected random notes and post-its from heaps of different people's houses and made them into a book. I love it!

Emily said...

Hehehe, I love those pointless-but-still-really-cool-and-so-worth-it sort of books! I'll have to look it up.