16 November, 2007

I wrote this for my English exam.
Oh how I love creative writing for exams.
Although it's missing most of its rhythmical metre...
It was something to do with context studies, and we had to do it on future worlds.

I don't know what my future holds for me.
Though I prefer to hope it's something fine.
I wonder, some days, just what I will be.
I wonder also what things will be mine.

The stories tell us that it's to be feared;
That hope will dissolve right before our eyes.
In all those stories, as the future neared,
Despair seemed to falling from the skies.

I pray my future holds me oh so tight,
And keeps me safe from things with evil face.
I plead with my future to get things right:
"Set a simple course, with a pleasant pace!"

Embrace the days that we have up ahead,
Would you rather repeat the past instead?


B.C. said...

Your poems are all not so happy. How come?

Let's write a happy poem. About being born like a flower, then growing like one, then... crap. Forget it.

Em said...

I asked my sister the same question... she said something about being most expressive at times of extreme moods or something...

I do try to write happy things, but they often just come out sappy.

B.C. said...

wow! new blog look! awesome.

Em said...

I got booooooreded.
So I looked for blogger layouts and this is the only one I could find that I liked and that worked.

I got bored with the old green one. So now it is pretty-like.
I like pretty things.