10 February, 2008

Tired. Old. Cliché

I have been thinking a lot lately, as I often do, about God, church and Christianity, what I do/don't like about it all, and how it fits in to my life.
One of my biggest problems/annoyances with all that stuff at the moment is cliché
s. I find that church, a lot of the time, is always the same thing over and over again. We go there, we sing some songs, do tithes and offering, someone preaches, and that's the end. And it seems that every song, every preacher uses the same tired old clichés, the same 'christianised' phrases. I'm over it. I want more.

I'm not saying that those things we do all the time, those
clichés, have no validation, but it seems that we only describe God one way, we only see him one way.
Growing up in a Christian home, I've heard it all. Everything is tired and overused. And I want something more than applying different positive adjectives to my eternal saviour.

You would think, that with God having created the whole world... with God creating everything... with God being everything... that we'd have more than this
cliché view of him... God is eternally multi-faceted, so why is it that we only ever have things to say like 'you are holy' 'hallelujah' 'grace' 'mercy' 'falling to my knees' 'God you are this, you are that...' etc...

Words, I really love words, and what they can do, but they're just not enough for me.
If God is so much, then why is this all we have?
Why do we always have to worship through singing at church?
There are endless ways to express our love (or hate?) for God, because he is endless.

I'm so tired of going to church, and singing the same rewritten lyrics to a new tune and then hearing a sermon that I've usually heard something like before.

Once again, I'm not saying that those things are wrong, but I want something different, something more
. I want to really know this endless God, I want to know him like I haven't known him before.
And really, I'm so excited, because there is so much to explore and learn about Him. What I know is only a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction, etc...
Everything I know right now can't be it, it can't be. And that is what gives me hope.


David C said...

That is one of the reason i really love playing music in church, cause it's worship on a whole nother level. For me anyway.
And i know what you mean about having heard it all before. So many times i've been sitting in church screaming (in my head) tell me something new! give me a new insight! or a new way to think of things!

Callum said...

I think I'm going to start the "Dissatisfied, Possibly Disillusioned and Finding it Easy to be Cynical Church Club". It will (unfortunately) be a rather large club. I'd probably be president.

^^A flashy way to say "hear hear".

Switching gears...update your other blog. Blogs are better when you know the people:

"Oh, they just referenced something of which I am involved with/can relate to!"

Em said...

Haha, shotgun secretary! Maybe.

Yeah I've been meaning to update it... too much procrastination... isn't good for the... liver?

B.C. said...

How did Veta affect that? More of the same cliches? Or just a whole new list of cliches? Or something different?

I get it too. Sometimes I'm perfectly happy to have it the way it is, and more often than not, I'd rather just argue with everything. Which is my way of breaking cliches. Arguing and asking questions and having discussions. Finding people to bounce off of is very important to me.

Em said...

Veta was really good for that, because it taught me to do all those things; questioning and arguing.
I miss Veta sooooooo much.

But I'm going to blog about it soon/ish.

Sky said...
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Sky said...

i love the way you think....

its really important to me to not see god through what i already know of him.
the way we see life, god, our decisions, our spiritually etc, are all effected by our past as well as the pressent. for example our culture, class, schools, churches, parents, and color.
so i believe if we open ourselves upto different types of expression we wont be limiting ourselves by these factors as much!

i wonder if that made sense? ;)

Em said...

It made perfect sense!