30 January, 2008

Phillip Island

Well, this is not the most exciting thing I have to blog about, but I'm going to blog about it anyway.

Just got back yesterday from Cowes where we (being myself and church people) rented the bottom story of a house for three days and two nights.
I learnt many things, and it was a nice little holiday before school, but not the best. Here is the list of Wins and Fails (is anyone else getting mighty sick of those words?)

It's a holiday, what more can I say?
It was cheap.
No one was hurt.
I now have my iPod = music in the car.
Ice cream.

I didn't really know some of the people very well, which can be considered a win because I got to know them a little.
Lots of behaviour similar to that of poker night, but not as bad.
I couldn't breathe half of the time.
One of the guys had some issues or something, then someone sent him over the top and he disappeared for hours.

It was nicer after some of the people left on the second day because they had work and stuff. So there were less people and I like that.
I didn't really help that two of the guys like the same girl so they were always sort of competing, politely. And making mean jokes. Again, politely.

This blog is very boring for anyone to read.
But I just did it so that I could link it to my other blog.


B.C. said...

Yes, I was sick of people saying them all the time the first time I heard them.

Ice cream and beach is awesome. Lame holidays are lame. Phillip Island holiday? Ha. Ask me about it sometime.

Em said...

Words I am sick of:
Awesome (depends on usage)

I will ask you about Phillip Island.
Hey Ben Chong, can I ask you about Phillip Island?

Hey, I didn't actually ask you about Phillip Island just then... I asked you if I could ask you about Phillip Island...

David C said...

Self promotion, I like it.

Em said...

It's the way to go, none of this paying for advertisement crap.

Callum said...

I think these "people" who like this "person" should let it go...

Vested interest, I know *shrugs*

Em said...

Oh wow, someone outside blog circle!
That's exciting.

Yes, they should.