20 January, 2008

Peninsula SUFM 2008

I never know how to start a blog, so this is my introduction to my blog about beach mission.
Okay, got that out of the way.

Beach mission this year was... good. This was the first year I didn't have my mum on team, and I was surprised that the only difference it made is that I didn't have anyone to scam money off.
This year is also the first time I was an 'official' leader because the other years I was too young, even though I did all the same things.
It felt strange to realise that I was a proper leader, I guess I still sort of feel like a team kid sometimes.

I had a lot more fun this year than other years I think, because of the people on team. There were loads of quality people this year, so that was fun, but the relationships with some team members were also what made my mission really bad.
I'm usually fairly easy going, but there were some people on team who I had to avoid so that I didn't crack it. But I won't really go in to that.

One of the things that really kept me going was time alone with God. If we didn't have that half an hour I don't think I would survive. I can get so frustrated being around so many people all the time, so TAWG was a life saver, and it's something that I want to keep doing in my daily life.

I was in the little teens group this year, which I love, but they're so annoying sometimes.
They were so easily excited and loud, it was hard to run any sort of planned program just because of the way they act, we also never expected to have such big numbers of them.
But they're fun to be around, and although whenever we tried to do something central to God they just made jokes or avoided it, I think we built some good relationships and foundations for later years.

What I love about mission, besides the relationships with the team and families, is the way we live. I love the simplicity of it, and I love that I don't need many things to live. I remember at one point getting dressed in the morning and looking at all the clothes I brought, I didn't even wear some of them, I didn't need half the stuff that I took on mission with me.
I would love to live like that every day. Sure, it's nice to have some luxuries now and then, but we don't need them.
I can't really get out what I'm trying to say properly, so if you understand then tell me so.

This simplicity is one of the reasons I didn't want to come home, back to a complicated life where I'll probably just get addicted to luxuries again. I also didn't want to listen to people complain about stupid trivial things which they seem to do a lot in this society.

And my asthma on mission was non-existent.
Now I'm home I can't breathe.

Post Mission Blues -
This year, there aren't really any PMB. I'm not exactly sure why this is, I thought maybe it was because of Matt's goodbye party--we got to see people so soon after. But even now the PMB still haven't really come.
Last year I nearly cried on the way home, this year was just 'meh'.

Overall, it was a good mission. One of my best and worst at the same time.


B.C. said...

I had no idea about the relationship stuff, and I'd love to hear/chat about it with you at some point.

I also like TAWG. Use your whiteboard, and I'll use mine. Winwinwin.

I can imagine how it is with younger teens, and they might be the last group I would join, even though I love doing teens.

Good blog. I got more to write, but that's for a later time. My head is dead.

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