22 January, 2008

Something New.

This year, one of my 'resolutions' is to test the age old saying 'you learn something new every day' by writing down something new I learn every day.

I thought about making a new blog to post all the things I learn in, and maybe I still will, but if I do then I won't be able to really commit to it much. So for now I'll post interesting things that I learn.

1st January, 2008:
Be wary of things that melt.
I had a tub of Vaseline in my bag... along with my nice new diary I bought to write what I learn in.
Bad idea. My favourite t-shirt is ruined.

8th January, 2008:
It's fun to smoosh your hands in fruit salad.
That's right, you all ate that fruit salad, while Lisa and I had fun making it.

11th January, 2008:
I love bush dancing.
I always used to say that I hated bush dancing, but tonight we had a bush dance and I loved it!

18th January, 2008:
Coca Cola used to contain cocaine.
Only small amounts, but look it up, it's true.

20th January, 2008:
'Chic' is pronounced 'sheek'.
That could have been embarrassing; had I ever had to say 'chic' out loud, I would have said 'chick'.

Well, there are some things I've learnt this year. Now I'm off to learn some more.


B.C. said...

You forgot to mention that you also love the CHICKEN DANCE.

Em said...

I love it with a passion.
I shall dance it until the moon comes home and the cows turn blue.