15 April, 2007

One Day

Woo. Last night I was in the city for 'One Day' which is some worship concert thing... anyway, our 'Xtreme Youth' band played for an hour and a half, which was fun. I sing, for those of you playing at home, and Josh drums.

'Twas a hoot, if I do say so myself, especially since I wasn't really in the mood. We didn't sound really fantastic though, I think we had too many singers, and we hadn't done levels or anything, and we didn't know who was doing what harmonies and such... there were some strange harmonies in there... also apparently only one of the guitars could be heard and there were four I think.

Haha, at one time, this dude came on stage, he was holding a bowling ball and a little tin kettle, and was posing with them. I think he was trying to take the piss out of us, but I found it funny. Some guys had to drag him offstage. Should I have been angry or offended? I decide no. If I should've been, I wasn't and I'm not. It was just amusing.

Hmm, when we finished playing/worshiping, the host came on stage and got everyone to pray for the city of Melbourne. I must say, I felt like a 'kooky Christian' at that point. I can imagine all the people walking by who weren't Christians, or maybe even were, just snickering at us and shaking their heads. Maybe I shouldn't care about that, maybe I should, but I'm generally not the kind of person who is all "Jesuuuus!" in public.

Went to Macca's (should that have an apostrophe?) afterwards, ate a lot, had two cups of ice (blocks) then dropped someone home, went to bed.