11 April, 2007


Zzz... duuuude... Zzz... duuuude...

I saw TMNT last night, you're all jealous, aren't you?
I liked it, here I'll give it numbers... and such...and I'm going to be generous...

Animation Effects: 10/10

Costume: 6/10 Eh, they were good, but the turtles were too skinny, as was everyone else. Everyone has really deformed body shapes in these sort of animations, and I felt that it took away the fact that they are Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone should look normal, they should look weird. And Leo's purple thing wasn't the right shade of purple to my liking.

Character: 9/10 I think they were all in character from the TV series, but they were more extreme, all of their quirks and personalities were magnified, not just a little bug in the corner.

Accent: What the hell!? Is all I have to say.

Use of 'dude' 'kowabunga' and the like: 9/10 I would've liked to have seen a few more 'kowabungas' but otherwise, very good.

Ninja: 10/10 Ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja.

Sensai: 8/10 He was very cool, just, something didn't feel right.

Plot: 7/10 It was good, it was very mysterious, but it just felt like an excuse to have ninja turtles, which isn't bad, I'll take any excuse to have ninja turtles!

My sources (calculator) are telling me that overall I gave the movie a score of:


Which I suppose is fair. Let's just round that up to 8.5, shall we?

It's good, go see it, go love it, go eat it.


B.C. said...

I want to I want to I want to. Although, I know have two people giving it scores above 7, and one person giving it a score below -7.

Captain Best said...


As much as it pains me to give such a grammatically unformed statement, I must say: "Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad." You said "know" where "now" was the correct piece of vocabulary to choose.
All the best for the future opf living with this failure of language.

Grammatically Correct Man.

Captain Best said...

Emily- In my standards, an 8.5 is a damn good movie. Are your standards like mine? Didn't think so. Anyway, I want to see it also, and love it, and eat it.



Em said...

8.5 is a damn good movie. I wonder what TMNT got on that movie show on ABC with Margaret and David... they annoy me, they're too critical.

I'm probably biased because I'm a big fan of the turtles. The teenage turtles. The teenage mutant turtles. The teenage mutant NINJA turtles!

Em said...

And I give high ratings when I rate things. All the time. HIIIIIGGGH.