27 April, 2007

Dear Chibi...

What's that dear Chibi?
You think I'm a nerd?
Excuse me, but when was the last time I erred?
Ok 'twas I blew up the children's playground,
But I built a new one,
One that is much more fun.

Yes, and the time I infected the city with a cold;
It didn't last long,
And a blocked up nose was all that was wrong.
Don't judge me dear Chibi,
For you are but a monkey, and none perfect yourself,
What about the time you broke my good shelf?

An inventor am I,
The best there is.
All my machines whir and whiz.
I admit that I'm lonely, for I've no wife or kids,
My only friend a monkey,
Chibi, he's dimmer that squids.

I have big glasses.
Often askew, broken three times,
With lots of little cracks and lines.
My hair sticks up,
My fingernails are yellow,
But you, Dear Chibi, are worse: You're shallow.

Wiegh up my successes and failures:
I cured cancer,
Stopped pollution,
Started a healthy revolution.
Yet no one seems to know my face,
As if it were I who came last in a race.

Tell me, Dear Chibi,
How many nobel prizes have you won?
I have one six,
With another one to come.
They sit on a shelf in my head,
Along with your voice, though the nurse says you're dead.

As I look at these padded walls,
I'm fed by the nurse,
This darn white jacket,
My golly! It's a curse!
Dear Chibi, Dear Chibi,
My imaginary monkey...

Poem from year 9 poetry folio.


B.C. said...

Chibi lives in a cage at my house. I like your year 9ness poetry. Splendid. I'm going to post some of my own writing too. Eventually.