15 July, 2007


My beautiful sister Bree was married to my new brother Nathan yesterday. Bree Morel, as she is now known.

The wedding was at Immerse, which is some vineyard thing in the Yarra Valley. It was very cold because the ceremony was in a barn with no heaters. Poor bridesmaids, in our dresses, freezing.

That is not my beautiful sister Bree. That is my beautiful sister Josh.


Bridal partay.

It was a good wedding, Nath cried when Bree was walking down the aisle, how shweet. The reception was warmer, inside with food. Yum. I was embarrassing when they introduced the bridal party, and when they made the speeches due to the constant references of 'Emily is the most eligible bachelorette,' 'Emily is single,' 'Anyone over 20, stay away.' Gaaahhh. Constant references of 'Emily is the next to get married.

It was funny but gee whiz, settle down, tiger. Only 16 yet, stop pressuring me to get hitched.

It was good to see a whole lot of people I haven't seen for a while, i.e. Family friends, old churchyurchy* people, a few beach mission folks, good to see some family, annoying to see other family.
I can't really think of anything else to write that would be interesting.
Although when they were leaving, I said goodbye to Nath, and all he said was 'Giggidy giggidy!'

Bree is married.

*I wrote churchyurchy, Chongface.


B.C. said...

Hooray. I find what Nathan said amusing.

And I'm glad you wrote churchurchy. I'm watching you.

PS. How come you aren't married yet? Because seriously. It's been like one day already. About time.

Em said...

I am not married, because I have no one to marry. The only 'offer' was Grover saying he was sorry that he was too old... I was not sorry.

Captain Best said...

If you are indeed 16, so long as you get your parent's permissin, nobody is too old. So Grover is a good option. Yes. You should be married by now.

Em said...