08 July, 2007

Central - 25 things

Hooooome! Although I wish I was still there.
Here are 25 things I did on Central.

1. Climbed Uluru
2. Met Cecily on Uluru
3. Saw Cecily at three different places
4. Held a crocodile
5. Swam under a waterfall
6. Slept under the stars
7. Discovered that 3.14* goes to DCC
8. Rode on a bus for nearly 10,000km
9. Saw Aboriginies fighting and no one doing anything about it
10. Was attacked as a group by a group of Aboriginies
11. Watched the sun set on the beach
12. Celebrated N.T. day at Mindal Beach night market
13. 'Swam' with 'crocodiles'
14. Relaxed in hot springs
15. Swam under spider webs
16. Held a snake
17. Rode a camel
18. Drove through backburning
19. Had an op-shop formal
20. Got drawn on while sleeping
21. Spent hours on top of Stuart (The HWY, people!)
22. Chipped my tooth on a humbug
23. Avoided cracking it or crying.
24. Climbed Kings Canyon
25. Got sick

(*Kimberley Pye)

Highlight: Most things on that list. Also waking up in the middle of the night on the first overnight bus trip in to a shadowy land of neverending desert.
Lowlight: My friends. Pshhht.
Interesting: Being attacked.


Captain Best said...

Haha! Sounds like awesome fun. When I went to central Australia with my family, I managed to do several of those things, also. That is, #1, #4, #5, #6, #7, (not during my trip, though) #9, #11, #13, #14, #15, (was this at Bitter Springs? There were many large spiders and webs there when I went!) #17, #18, (well, next to it) #21, (by the way, it is Sturt, not Stuart. I think.) #24 and #25. I did not do any others.
But it does sound fantastic. Did you know Kimba and me and like this? (Am crossing my fingers right now) Well, we are. Is she seriously a eacher at your school? Wow, that is so weird. Ha!
End prolific comment #17.

Em said...

I think it was at bitter springs. We went to a lot of springs, but I think it was that one.
We swam down some long thing off the main pool. When everyone got to the end they were all half drowning because they suck and I'm awesome...kidding. But I had to wait for everyone to get out before they drowned.

She sereously is a teacher at my school.
[Shortened]Conversation on bus was thusly:

E: Are you wearing a 'servant' jumper?

K: Yes.

E: Where'd you get it?

K: [explains, mentions that she goes to a church]

E: Coooool.

K: [Does teacher things]


[Four people sitting on bus steps talking to drivers and each other]

K: [bored]Tell me something interesting.

E: [can't thing of anything interesting, says something clearly uninteresting][wonders: What church does 3.14 go to? Not mine, what other churches do I know? Funny if she went to Doncaster]

K: [Clearly still bored]

E: What church do you go to?

K: Doncaster.

E: [Haha!] Church of Christ?

K: Yep.

E: Do you know Brendan and Jono and Matt and Chongy [etc..]

K: Yes.

E: Wow, I did beach mission with them.

[Conversation continues about more people we both know: my sister, my cousin, Ruth...]

Em said...

And right now you are on the phone with Joshy.