10 July, 2007


I am torn... and slightly angry/annoyed/inconvenienced.

We have a list of dates for Vetamorphus. Last term they changed the date of the retreat and didn't tell me until about the week before. I had stuff to do that weekend. They've done it again.

It was meant to be in the middle of August, but instead they've changed it to the weekend of July 25th-27th.

Reasons why this annoys me:
It is my birthday on the 25th, so any celebrations I will have I will want to have on that weekend.
It is my friend Cecily's birthday on the 27th, and she is doing a performance things for her school that she is inviting everyone to.
It is snow day for youth on the 28th, and also Jono's birthday.
It's likely that I'll be on cafe at church because I'll probably miss this Sunday.
Bree gets back from her honey moon sometime that weekend.
July has been a full enough and busy enough month anyway and I cannot handle the stress.

Stupid Veta. I like you, but why do you have to be so damn unorganised?
Am I being hypocritical? Probably. But I am unorganised at my own expense usually, not other peoples'.



B.C. said...

Upside: On the retreat, you'll see me. Which will be fun.

Downside: Yes, no fun on missing out on stuff, but that's the way life goes. I miss something awesome that weekend too, and it's a bit annoying.

Captain Best said...

Ah, vetamorphus is very unorganised, yes. It can get frusterating, but it is still good at the same time. Annoying about missing out on my birthday. You'll have to wear shorts anyway, though. Yes. However cold.
Ha! Awesome.

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