26 March, 2007

What's in a name?


Those are a few definitions I found for my name... I don't like it... Well, I like the name, but I'm not sure if I like the definitions, for me that is.

What is in a name? I'm not really a superstitious person, if you would call it superstition, but do names really carry any meaning for a person? I don't like the idea that I'm moulded a certain way because of my name, it makes me feel like I'm being controlled.

I wish it was like the bible, or a lot of other book and stories I've read where people are renamed, they get their real name from someone that's shaped around their true self, and reveals their identity.
I want that name.

What would you rename me if you had the chance?


Captain Best said...

I wouldn't give a suggestion...

..But Emily Wood! Aha! I get it!
But if I had to rename you, I would call you Louisa. You look like a louisa. You probably act like a Patricia, though. They sound like ugly names, maybe. But they're not. Not to me, at least.


Em said...

No, they don't sound like ugly names. And ugly name I think is Virginia (sorry mum) because it's... yeah.
I was looking in a name book at school once, one of the names for a girl was Lesbia. It had the meaning, and afterwards said that 'it is ver unfair to give a child this name.'
Too right.

Louisa: Famous warrior
Patricia: Noble

Apparently Jonathan means Gift Of God. May I now call you Gog for short? No? Ok.

Captain Best said...

Gog, definately. I was called that in primary school.

Em said...

Why were you called Gog in primary school? Was it an endearing term, or spiteful? Or both? Or niether? Or both and niether?

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