31 March, 2007

Oh dear, a small piece of my brain has fallen out!

I sat on my glasses. Bend-age now. Need pliers. Good thing school is finished for now. I'm sick of school. Behind in work, missing week of school is bad, damn conjunctivitis. Provisionally failed maths. Uh oh. It's only foundation.

I am scared that my media product will be bad. Ramble ramble.


B.C. said...

What is your media project on?

Also. Would you get laser eye surgery?.

Would you rather: Have 30% vision in both eyes, or have no vision in one eye, and perfect in the other? Upside I guess is that you get to wear an eye patch.

Em said...

1. Media project is our media product/thing.
We can pretty much do anything; make a movie, take photos, make a picture book, multimedia display, website, sound etc...
I have an idea, which is to do a story about a person whose world keeps changing from colour to black and white, and the reslts of this (i.e. what wrong choices the character makes as a result of his colourblindness.)

My problem is that I have an idea, but no storyline, and I haven't decided on my two mediums (the movie, photos etc... up there) or what sort of genre I want it to be (comedy, drama, just plain weird etc...)

2. Maybe, I've thought about it. I'm usually a bit skeptical about those sorts of things, don't know why, just am, and that's my problem. My eyes aren't really that bad anyway, I just need glasses for reading, writing, and driving, otherwise I squint and get a headache. But I have thought about it, and maybe I will get it one day, depending on $$$.

3. Hmm... that's a tough one. I patch is cool eye guess (Haha, I'm soooo funny!) but I'd probably hate having an eye patch all the time. I could be a pirate though, that could be cool. Could I have 30% in both eyes and then just get laser eye correction? I think I'd have to know what 30% vision looks like before I decided.

Ttotally colourblind, or totally blind in one eye, and pefect, colour vision in the other? If the latter, which eye would be which, and why? If the former, please disregard that last question.

B.C. said...

Totally blind one eye, colour vision perfec tin other. Why? because i could wear a cool looking bandage eye patch like one of the main Spartans on 300. Once you see it, you'll understand. Left probably, never liked him anyway.

Captain Best said...

Ramble ramble.

I would go perfect vision in one eye, and buy hundred novelty glass eyes. I could ahve so much fun with that!