21 January, 2007

Would you rather be able to turn invisible, or be able to fly?

I would definitely rather be able to fly.
While I would love to be able to turn invisible and do all sorts of cool things, I think I would end up in a big mess, I would abuse the power.
I was talking about that to someone who'd rather be able to turn invisible than fly, and they said "Yeah, it's not such a big problem for me 'cause I'm not a Christian."
I was talking to him again later, and he said that if you ever want to reach out to someone who's not a Christian, don't call them 'un-saved'. He's been to his sister's youth group a few times, and when he'd talk to people they'd say things like "Oh, so you're unsaved."
What the hell? It just turned him right off, as I'm sure it would turn off anyone who wasn't a Christian.
How would a Christian feel walking into a group of 'un-saved' people if they all said "Oh, so you're a Christian."?
I would hate it.
People are making too much of an 'us and them' of Christians and non Christians, and it's the opposite of effective.


B.C. said...

Emily! i agree very much with this. which is why i am often scared of evangelism and whatnot. and why i was a bit scared of beach mission. and it's a part of some of the stuff i don't like about beach mission. because i get that vibe while im there, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. i even get the "im a better christian than you" vibe just in team! but it's not something i'm going to write here.

good post but, quite impressed that in the space of about two days you've done almost as many as i have in a few months haha. i think i understand a different way to evangelise, in just sharing. i don't believe in saving other people. but the other day i was sitting around, and the teens - emily jake sean and ryan - were all just asking question and wanting to know about christianity, and i just told them what i believe and my experiences, and i felt so good doing it. so maybe that's evangelism. maybe.

Em said...

Well, I certainly hope I didn't give off that vibe. If I did, I'm terribly sorry and I don't feel like 'I'm a better Christian. In fact, a lot of the time, I feel like everyone else is a better Christian than me, sometimes I get that vibe.

I can definitely pick a few people who would've given off that vibe, but I won't name names...

I think you are right about that evangelism thing. So true.