20 January, 2007

What an original title.

So, this is my fist blog, not ever, but my first here.
Maybe it's obvious that this is my first blog, but anyway...
I don't know why I'm writing a blog, o why I don't just use MySpace.
I suppose, because I don't really know anyone on here, I don't have to write my blog for them. I do anyway, so what's the point? I always write my blogs for other people. Okay, maybe not specifically for other people, but I always write it based on what others with think. I don't lie, but I'm probably not being exactly true, because I always edit things out to sound like the person I want to be.

I even do this in my journal, I write things down, but I'm always conscious of what people would think reading it, so I write things based on that.
I'm even doing it now. Yes, right this very second. I'm writing this based on how it makes YOU think of me.

Sometimes even my thought patterns are like that. Gosh, how the hell do I make it stop?