01 September, 2008


Dear world:
I'm very sorry to have neglected you for so long. I've been busy, see, and also the internet around here has been quite fickle lately.

I'm also sorry that after a long absence, all I'm giving you is YouTube videos, but seriously, they are grouse.

Although they are not relatively new, so you may have seen some, if not all of them before.

Beached Whale

I always offer my chips to people after watching this.

Darth Vader Being a Smartass

First time I saw this, very nearly 'rofl'ed.

Trent From Punchy

Apparently this kid is fo' shizzle.

Keyboard Kid

Priceless. Gets in your head for days.

Yours sincerely,
Emily, VCE. (Apparently when you finish VCE, you can put those letters on the end of your name... I haven't finished yet, but I sometimes like to pretend I'm quasi-professional.)


David C said...

That last video should not be fuuny, but it is. very well done
And where did that NZ whale video come from. Over night it's everywhere.

Emily said...

It's true, it really shouldn't be funny, should it...

I know! Ever since I saw it, it's everywhere... EVERYWHERE. I mean, what the heeeeeck???