05 September, 2008


B.C. said...

If the end is an unexpected death, are things ok?

David said...

who is the judge of ok?
If a really annoying person dies horribly. They would think it's not ok, but everyone else would be ok with it.
is that the end?

B.C. said...

Not everybody would think it's ok. A horrible death isn't deserved just for being really annoying.

Emily said...

Way to destroy my feel-good random picture that I've forgotten even where I found it!

If I were a prolific 'loller' now may be an appropriate time to use 'the word'.

BC1: Um, no?

Dahvvv: Who IS the judge of ok?
What an interesting question...(said the media student)

BC2: True, true. Though many wish it was.