28 April, 2008

While I procrastinate.

"Australian-Asian" takes a long time to say, but you can't shorten it to "Australasian" because Australasia is already a thing.

And "Ausian" is too strange a word for people to pronounce universally.


B.C. said...

Whatever you come up with, that label will apply to me.

Em said...

Haha, indeed it will.

David C said...

I think you need to come up with a completely new word.

Jono said...

Skip = Person from Australia
Asian = Person from Asia
Skasian = Person from Skasia. Or possibly an "Australian-Asian" I have new word. Hooray. And also, while on the hoorays, I have some shameless advertising.


I thought of you when it went up, Em, as now you'll theoretically have to stop that timer on that post you did once.

Anonymous said...

They're just called ABCs.