08 May, 2007

Camp, Correction, C-video.

In answer (wow, how big does the font want to be?) to Jono's question about 'Bob' here are two YouTube videos.

Veta retreat no. 2:

I think I liked retreat no. 2 more and less.
More: Because I knew the people and what to expect, and people didn't annoy me as much as on the last one. Also, the Planetshakers people weren't there being all exclusive. Ok that's harsh, but true for the most part.
Less: I was tired and stressed. And surprised at my attitudes at times. Beat myself up for that.

But overall it was good. Talked to people more this time. We went to Youth Alive on the Friday night, which was a good, but deafening experience. The sessions were on personality types, (by Glenda, who else?) a guy called Rowan Lewis came and talked about 'Who am I?' and the Trinity, Greg talked about groups/team management, and did a communion thing, and Digger did some cool stuff on evangelism.
Lots of people complain about sessions. And they can't sit that long. But I love sessions! Yay!
Oh, and Glenda did a thing about depression and dealing with ourselves and other people who have depression, bi-polar, etc...

I got annoyed/angry after that session, because it had obviously bean a very sort of morbid session, someone was crying and we were all feeling rather somber. I remarked to the other girl in my peer group: "I'm feeling a bit depressed after that."
To which she gave me a dirty look, and told me not say something like that because she hates it when people talk about depression like that without knowing what it means.
Which I suppose is fair enough, I dare say she's had her share of crap dealings in life and knows what depression is, but it just annoyed me so much. The way she said it too, it was so condescending, but it made me angry that she thought she knew me enough to think I don't know what depression is, or have never had any experience of it. I know full well what it is and have had plenty experience, probably with more experience to come, in fact I've been wondering since that session whether I have depression or not, wondering that actually made me break down at school yesterday, but anyway.

It usually makes me angry when everyone thinks their life is crap. Well, when they think they're the ONLY person whose life is crap. My life is crap sometimes/a lot of the time, but I know other people's are as well, and I know that the crap times will come and go, for me and everyone else. I just wish people wouldn't be so self-centered about their problems. Or maybe I'm just bitter because I hold all my problems inside instead of complaining/talking about them when I really just want to whine and complain and cry all day long.

Anywho, enough of that.

In a previous post, I said that my personality according to the Myers-Briggs thing or whatever is INFJ. Which is false, it is actually INFP, and according to Glenda, I am "The least J person she knows." (J people are usually organized an the like.)
You can go here and read, if you can be bothered, about INFP.

Then if you had even more bothering up your sleeve, you could even do the test and tell me what you are!

Josh just told me that he rolled Aunty Anne on the phone! High five? Yeah, we don't like her much. We're not just hating on her, there are valid reasons for our extreme dislike for this person who is (unfortunately) related to us.



Captain Best said...

O my, that really did anwwer my question. I loved that song. I listened to it 5 times. Or twice. You decide. Anyway, why do you dislike aunty Anne so much? I don't like hating on people, even if it is for a reaosn, so I am in the midst of wondering why this is.
Ponder ponder ponder.

Em said...

Don't really 'hate' her as such.
She's just not a nice person in general... she's very gossipy and bitchy, and she's always been mean to my Dad. Like actual spiteful mean. Grarh.

I decide two times.

B.C. said...

As I told you, the Depression session (rhyme!) was a really big thing for us last year. Well, for lots of us anyway.

Perhaps, some of the sessions I didn't enjoy as much will be bigger for the group this year. I might have greased you too if you said that to me. Or laughed uncomfortably. Just being honest. Not because I think I know more. I probably would just think that, while sometimes that joke would have been ok, the timing might not have been right in this case.

I may have had depression. I don't know. Never got it diagnosed, just dealt with it myself or with a close few. I think you should talk to people. Find people, maybe people you aren't normally around, maybe professional strangers. Talking got me out of my hole mostly.

PS. Talk to Glenda. She knows things. She has dealt with it herself. The more open you are, the more you will receive. Of course, you are vulnerable, but I think it pays off, and without vulnerability, there is less of a relationship.

Em said...

I probably would have greased me off too.
It wasn't a joke though, maybe it just came across the wrong way. Maybe it's a whole case of misunderstanding both ways. That makes me not annoyed anymore.

Thanks for the advice. I haven't talked to people much, but am starting to now. One of the reasons I don't talk much is that I'm scared people will think I'm just trying to get attention, but I suppose they can think that if they want to.

Glenda does know things. I heard some of her story and advice on the way back from the retreat. It wasn't advice to my, but she was talking to another girl the whole time and I just listened.
Glenda challenges me, and makes me think about things more than I do, which is very goodgood.