18 March, 2012

'Teenage Dream'

This was the maid of honour's 'speech' at my brother's wedding. It was actually a song that turned into a whole bridesmaid fiesta! To the tune of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.

They met at church when he just hit puberty
And she was wearing her little red beanie
This is the start of their epic love story
He tried to win her playing the best friend card
But it was harder than rapping to 8 Mile
She wasn't ready for your bushman charms—or the farm!

Oh poor Josh—took her 7 years
To see you were the tops!
What's the deal with chicks these days? I dunno.
Just blame Paula & Craig!

[Ch 1]
Was Josh's one and only
Teenage dream
One time he drank too much and licked her feet
That's what you do when you're young and in love, you're young and in love.

His heart broke
When she told him that he wasn't her bloke
She wouldn't even send a Facebook poke
But he kept tryin' and that's no joke no that's no joke

And so one day while watching a DVD
She turned to him & said 'I've been real douchey,
'I couldn't see that you were the one for me.'
Now take my hand and we'll be camping buddies
We'll storm the farm and shoot every living thing
You be my prince and I'll be Princecily

They'll go all the way tonight "quad-biking"
– that's love!
Hope you've got protection on, "quad-biking"
Can be pretty rough!

Josh & Cec
You've gone and got yourselves good and hitched
Who would have thought that it come to this?
Now run away and don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

Your lives start
Now that you've said 'til death do us part
It's two best friends who have one heart
You took the leap now don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

He's gonna get your heart racing
When he wears that ring
He's your teenage dream tonight

She's gonna get your heart racing
She's your yang to your ying
She's your teenage dream tonight (tonight, tonight...)

Ahhh, much laughter.


HateandHope said...

just perfect.

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