12 March, 2012

Lower still.

Almost can't help but laugh as I witness my entire life being stripped back.

Last year it was my identity in my 'skills' and my study.
It was going overseas, out of my comfort zone and into completely new territory.

And now I'm back, and my comfort zone is no longer what it was.

I have no money.
I have no car.
I am soon to have no job, and no house.
In the space of one month, three of my very best friends have moved to far away, separate places.

I laugh because through it all, I see God at work. I laugh because even though it may look and feel like I have nothing... I really have everything I'll ever need.

And I'm excited to get to the end of this year and be able to give God all the glory, because, I sure as heck ain't gonna be able to do it by myself.