31 January, 2012

I think hearts are a bit like headphone cords... You don't mean to get them so tangled, you never set out to do that; but after you've finished using your headphones and you put them away; after you've finished using your heart, when you put it in your pocket and even take care to fold it nicely, that's when the trouble begins.

The time comes along when you need to use your heart again, so you dig around and pull it out of your pocket, only to discover that it's a knotted, tangled mess—it's going to take some time and effort to unravel it all again,  and what will have flown past without you noticing by that stage?

How can you be aware, constantly, of the state of your heart, to make sure it doesn't get tangled? Is it too much to be unceasingly thinking about? Is that part of the deal with hearts, anyway, that thinking doesn't always help? Are our hearts created to be tangled? Is there danger in not letting ourselves get knotted and messed up? Is it then that we miss out? Is it all really just inevitable in the end?

I don't want to stumble all over my own mess, I don't want to waste my time being caught up in making sure my heart isn't involved beyond what my brain sees as reasonable.

I want to get caught up in Jesus. I want to be so tangled that I can't undo the knots. I want to look at my heart and see, not how woven into this world I am, but how taken I am with Him, how tangled and knotted and completely messed up I am in the greatest love the Earth has ever known.

Because in the brokenness of my heart, that love is patient, that love is made perfect, and that love never fails.


blogerhythm said...

Reminds me of an analogy I was told. Our lives are like a cross stitch tapestry. We only see the back: the messy part with threads everywhere, knots, and no real pattern. God sees the front: the beauty, order, colours, shapes and direction.

Alfred Kipelian said...

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