29 November, 2011

Update, copied from a letter to my family.

My Dearest family... (well, my only family :P) ((Nathan included!)) here's an update on things for you if you care to know!

Life here is awesome for me, time is very flexible, so that's awesome!
Hannah went home, if you didn't already know! A bunch of stuff happening in her life and God is doing some stuff, and she felt much more peaceful about being with her family. So we three made the trek to Bangkok on Saturday too see Hannah to the airport and spent the night at Khaosan rd, crazy market, not much sleep! Bussed back to Poipet Sunday, the bus trip takes roughly 5 hours, more when you consider nothing runs on time so the bus leaves late, and petrol stops take a long time.
Had a run in with some dodgies at the border - pretty much inevitable. Happened the first time too, they tried to sell us fake visas but we said no, they tried it again this time but we said no and hey weren't too fussed, until Richy told the other passengers it was a scam and the bus dude made us walk the rest of the way to the border! Most of the other passengers did the same after that. We caught a tuk tuk for 20 baht (maybe 60¢?) to the border and crossed back in no worries, but the phone number we had for our guy at the centre didn't work, so we had to catch another tuk tuk, and this guy didn't speak any English so that was fun... Luckily between Richy and I we remembered how to get to the children's centre. Though the guy wasn't happy when we tried to pay him - he wanted dodgy tourist prices!
A very tiring weekend, but we did get to stock up on Oreos in Thailand, so, worth it.

During the day here half the kids go to school and we teach the other half English in small classes, after lunch they swap over and we teach the other half. No idea what I'm doing half the time but it's fun!
We are very well fed, rice for every meal of course, plus some meat and veggies or whatever it is they've cooked. Our favorite is candied pork. Seriously the best thing of my life.
Last week the leaders took us out to eat those ducks cooked inside their eggs... Wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!
The kids love drawing and ask me every day if we can draw "Sister, koom nu??" and they write letters all the time "I love you, I love Jesus, can you be my sister, I like hamster." etc...
Richy teaches guitar - a lot of the kids are already really good though! So it's not beginner lessons, but he's been teaching them a few English songs.
Everyone stares when you go to the market! Not many tourists in Poipet, ever. And if there are they stay around the centre of the 'city' for traveling or the casinos. Not many white people out our way, so people stare and the kids yell "hello! Hello! Hello! Whatsyourname? Hello!"

This week the normal English teacher, Christine, is on staff retreat, so there aren't really any fluent English speakers here to translate! A lot of the kids are quite smart though so it's okay.

I've seen some blood noses and a hectic water burn and haven't even felt sick yet! Haha nurse Emmy to the rescue... Be proud.

Mosquitoes keep biting me. Only me, it seems. Let's hope the anti malarial meds work! Lollllllll.

It's pretty hot here so we get super tired! Afternoon naps are always the correct choice. Today I organised a water fight as part of the English lesson because it was extra hot. Winning.

With Hannah gone Richy and I have to pick up her classes, so tonight I have the year 8s and up! Should be fun, they like to laugh at us

We're also getting Khmer lessons from one of the older girls here... It's a hard language to learn! 33 consonants! Haven't even started vowels yet, ohmigosh.

We might get a chance to travel down to Kratie and see the other centre and also pass by Siem Reap which would both be fun! But involve more epic bus rides

Having fun here! I'm not really homesick but I do miss you! Excited for Christmas to see my fam-a-lam! Much love Xx