16 December, 2010

Peristeronic as shit.

#xkcd graph comic.

My greatest hope for this post, is that it adds just that little bit more to the growing pool of 'f***ing peristeronic as shit' posts slowly flooding the internet, eventually leading to a repost of the original xkcd comic 'Adjectives' with appropriate adjustments made.

I know, right, I aim high in life.


David said...

I would love to know the context of all the posts that were counted in the first graph.

smartclass said...


I am BL said...

I stumbled on your blog, insightful to say the least... I am into that illustration at the top it's dope, well played... Ima follow

Emily said...

Thanks, BL. Ima check out your blog.

Secret Girl said...

Hi, im a new blogger, actually im chilean, so a tried to undertand your post ... well i didnt understand a lot... but i liked ur other post.
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