23 August, 2010

I've been through much worse, faced many more difficult things, and I will make it through this, too.

But damn, I'm sick of having my heart broken.


Emily Glidewell said...

As Christian, we are suppose to call each other out on things. I feel like you're giving mix sigles to people who aren't Christians. Because They now know your "christian faith" but then you constantly cuss... So Just saying watch your actions and words. Your actions speak louder than your words. Not being mean girl. You se em like you have so much potential and I like your writings. :) So keep it going! I feel like you have the gift of connecting with others. So don't stop!

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment!
Yeah, I see what you're saying about the cussing... I'm assuming you're from America, here in Australia 'damn' is not a swear/cuss word, which is weird, we're a bit strange over here :P

But yes there are other times on my blog where I've been swearing, and it is something that just sort of presents itself through my frustration. I am a fan of honesty so I generally write what I feel, but currently trying to curb my swearing in real life, so I'm sure it will lessen here as well :)

Thanks for the encouragement!

Lace said...

Things like these happen, things like these have to happen ... and all we gotta do is get through it..

you know why? Because we are human :)