04 August, 2009

Coming soon...


Directed by Emily Wood.

"Amazing. 5 stars..."
-Emily Wood

"Wood has surpassed her previous work yet again; a must-see-read-experience blog. Quote, quote, quote."
-Oscar Wilde*

"...What the f**k? Where am I?"
-That Guy*†

... to an internets near you.

May be false.
†May be on crack.


Kyla said...

Coming soon??? When do we find out the release date? I hear the critics are raving... Although, in what context the word 'raving' is used, I'm not sure.

Emily said...

The release of the release date is yet to be released.

Hahaha. I enjoy that 'raving' comment. I feel it adequately describes the tone of my blog.

Kyla said...

Haha.. I was quite proud of myself... I'm actually a little ashamed of how funny I thought that was. Can you give me a warning so I know when to look out for the release of the release date?

David said...

Seriously, We were promised blogs...

Blair said...
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Kyla said...

He has a good point, Miss Wood!