17 January, 2009

Rhymability. And Not So.

Some messages that were saved as drafts in my phone:

What hackneyed phrase is this;
That ignorance is bliss?
But, oh, what wouldn't I give,
For that state of 'love to live'?
Why be in the deep to drown,
When the shallow can just walk on out?


This is something I wrote throughout the year after beach mission '08.

You linger in the half-light,
And something is writ
By the sea side.
And all we have is our half-minds.


John Marsden,
Your book 'Everything I Know About Writing' has been very useful. I used it to swat a mosquito. I missed. But I'm quite sure I'll kill him one day.


Ivy, Avery, Violet, Esther, Estelle, Micha, Noah.




If it's going to destroy my life to have you remember me,
I'd rather be forgotten.




But I'll tell you, I wasn't expecting this;
I wasn't expecting bliss.


*These are both words that I or someone else tried to spell, but clearly didn't work. I'm not sure what the actual words are meant to be.

There, Benchong. I blogged 3 times in a day, you owe me 5. GetOnIt.


B.C. said...

1) What does the one after beach mission '08 mean?
2) Did you ever write that letter to John Marsden?

Emily said...

1) Baha, not telling.

2) Not yet. But I will.