25 December, 2007

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year


So this is to you,
To the things that you have seen
To the person you helped me be.
And the places you and I have been.

To the way things change with every turn of the earth
And the way you showed me just what I am worth.

To your beautiful soul;
More precious than anything you could ever imagine.
More precious than anything you could hold.
So frail and mighty and beautiful.
If only you could see.

To who you are,
Your questions and thoughts and fears and dreams
Your hope, flickering, dwindles and gleams.

And to the way i saw your face in front of mine;
Oh you were hidden in the light

The way you reached in to the darkness, surrounding me.
And the way your light reached in to my being.

Dark and light
To bring a day
That follows night.

To you
I drink to you

This night
With closed eyes
I'll whisper
Whisper your name to the day.


17 December, 2007

Matt Corby


Matt Corby hugged me.