16 October, 2007


On orders from Benchong Town, I am writing a blog.
But the thing is, see the thing is, the thing is, see the thing is I don't know what to blog about.
(A cookie for anyone who just got the Lano & Woodley reference.)

So I will just talk about myself for a while. Actually, here is a list of stuff:
1. I started writing a book the other day. Awesome.
2. I have too much homework and I am slack. I'm probably going to fail 3/4 studio arts but that's my teacher's fault; he's never there, and when he is he never ceases talking about totem poles.
3. Crispy Potato flavoured 'In a Biscuit' biscuits taste nice if you think of roast potato, but feral when you think of raw potato.
4. Grace asked me to design the t-shirts for mission, and I'm scared they'll be crap. Any preferences for colour out there?
5. I am very sleepy.
6. My friend came home from India for a month! We're going to have ice cream before she goes back again.
7. I don't want to finish my list on such an un-rounded number.
8. The Milo is all gone.
9. I have to work tonight and I don't want to.
10. I suck at blob this round.


B.C. said...

1) What's the book about? I have a book I'm writing too. It's going very slowly.
2) I love totem poles.
3) I love those biscuits! Have you ever noticed how the suggested serving size is like 6 biscuits? That's ridiculous. I usually eat 60.
4) Fluoro orange.
5) Same.
6) Cold rock? With an Indian influence?
7) Good.
8) Drink tea. It's better. Ask Grace.
9) Quit.
10) I'm not as awesome either. But I beat you.

Em said...

1) About a dude. Who travels. Yes mine is also going slowly.
2) I don't because my teacher keeps talking about them. Roar.
3)I ate half a box the other day. Yum. I just had to think of roast potato.
4)For real?
6)Mmm, cold rock. With and Indian influence? What?
7)There's the number again.
8)Grace does love her tea. Can't say I'm as much fan but I do love a good green tea.
9)Yes mum.
10)That's because you're a bastard. Kidding. Don't hurt me with your Asian powers! (See? Racist!)

B.C. said...

1) What's his name? Is it Gulliver? If so... that book has already been written.
2) Instead of a totem pole in my backyard, I'd like one of those giant heads from Easter Islands.d
3) I did too, then I finished it the next day. Mum didn't like that, since she had only bought them the day before.
4) Make it an awesome cool tshirt. Keep watching the Justice video and make something like those shirts.
5) Same.
6) Yes, because your friend is going back to India. Cold Rock is the perfect place to find exotic flavours like dahl and curry and chapatis.
7) 8.
8) Tea does love her grace. English Breakfast is the best. Then Gatorade. Not H20.
9)Yes dad.
10a) I'll always beat you. Miss is a stupid head. Duke is the lord of all blobs.
10b) RACIST!

Em said...

1)I haven't actually named him yet.
2)I would rather a treehouse. I would live in it.
3)Parents are funny.
4)I want a t shirt that I'll wear other places. Instead of '06: Fluro green, giant waving yellow squid smiling at you.
6)Cold rock... with fruity influence. Not as in gay people... why would they steal fruit and rainbows from me? That's just rude.
8)I love h2o!
9)Yes, great grand estranged aunt.

Jono said...

Yay! Book! I love books! I, too am in the middle of writing four books (or stories). Find one of these at gammana.blogspot.com. That one may not be finished for a long time.

Em said...

Oh yes, Gaaaaammmaaaaannnnaaaa!
I keep meaning to read the new chapter but then I forget :S